It is nearing that time of year when we open up new memberships for the Saguaro Society to the public. Read on to learn all about the Society, including why we are selling new memberships in 2020 using a random selection process!


We cap the number of memberships in the Society to a small number, a number that is less than the least number of bottles that we might produce for a very limited barrel aged release. We do this because we like to get our hands on special barrels and create unique, one-off experiments of barrel aged beer, and the Saguaro Society is the soul of that endeavor.

We have been able to grow the membership number slowly each year, and for 2020 we will again nudge the membership up to a maximum of 300. We do our best to increase the membership size, while not compromising on quality and experimentation, because we want to be as inclusive as possible. The membership is small, not to be exclusive, but simply because the beer demands it.

Last year, we had a high rate of existing member renewals that left a small amount of new memberships for sale. We then had a large turnout attempt to buy those few new memberships in an online sale, and that left many folks disappointed in the process.

This year, we are going to try something new that we hope will be more equitable and transparent: a random drawing for membership spots. If you fill in your name below, you will be added to the drawing list for new memberships this year. After current members exercise their option to renew, we will use the draw service to draw names at random, and then will contact each person whose name is drawn to see if they wish to join in 2020. We will continue to do this until the membership reaches capacity.


October 14 - November 24 at midnight: use the form below to add your name to the random drawing list

November 10 - November 24: member renewal period for members of 2019 Saguaro Society only (members: stay tuned for a communication on how to renew)

November 26 - December 5: Random names are drawn from the drawing list and invited to join the Society. Invitees are given the option purchase a membership; if some pass on membership, more names are drawn and process is repeated until all membership spots are filled


  • One entry per person, and please no shenanigans! If it is found that someone has entered their name multiple times, or enlisted other humans or bots to add extra “chances”, all entries for that person will be removed.

  • Be sure to check your email to confirm your entry into the drawing list



We are opening the 2020 Saguaro Society to a total of 300 members (returning and new) who will gain exclusive access to our most limited release beers, VIP access to public release beers through our pre-order process, Society-only events and merchandise, and an unlimited 15% discount on draft beer and merchandise in our taproom.

Exclusive Access to society releases

Society releases are our most limited quantity releases, usually barrel-aged in no more than a few barrels. Each member is allocated the maximum number of bottles/cans that can be equally allocated to each member. Members or their proxies have one month to come into the taproom to purchase and pickup these releases (purchases can be made through an electronic pre-order process or in person, whichever you prefer). Any product left over after the member sale may be used at Wren House’s discretion (e.g. added to our public taproom cellar list for onsite consumption, poured at events, etc.)

VIP Access to public releases

Public releases are larger quantity releases of non-barrel-aged Wren House beers in cans or bottles. This member benefit allows pre-ordering before every public release and a one week window for the member or proxy to come into the taproom to pickup their purchase. Think of this as a concierge service to give you the option to bypass release day madness.

Taproom Discount

Your membership gives you unlimited 15% off draft beer (incl. crowlers/growlers) in the taproom and merchandise purchased in the taproom.

Society Swag

Included in the price of membership are <TO BE ANNOUNCED>. You can pick up these items anytime after January 1 or at our Society kickoff party.

Other Benefits

  • Access to Society only events and opportunities. Stay tuned for our January Society launch party where we will be tapping an array of limited release beers

  • Option to name a proxy to act on your behalf for the purposes of picking up beers in the taproom

  • First opportunity to renew membership for 2021

Price of Membership:

$150 + tax for full year 2020 paid at time of enrollment


Q: Why aren't there any bottles included in the membership?
A: This is a membership-for-access program that is designed to work within Arizona Liquor Law and give full control to Members to decide which releases they want to take home. Instead of rolling in the cost for beers that we choose for you, we offer a lower priced membership that lets you choose to purchase as many or as few as you want.

Q: If bottles aren't included, what am I paying for?
A: Your membership fee to covers the costs of administering the Society. That includes direct costs and labor costs behind the great experience we strive to deliver. Your support in paying this membership fee up front helps us to, among other things, bring in and start filling new barrels for beers we will release to members in 2020.

Q: What beers will I be able to purchase?
A: The best way to answer is to show what has been offered so far to 2019 members. We have a few member only releases yet to come this year, but box below shows beers released during the first 3 quarters of 2019:

Q: Can I purchase this membership as a gift for someone else?
A: Absolutely, at checkout select the gift option and follow the prompts to enter that lucky person's information.

Q: Are proxy's allowed?
A: Yes! We allow each member to designate a proxy for each pickup as needed. We even allow you to change proxies from time to time throughout the year. If you know who that person is, you can designate on the order form.

Terms and Conditions for membership purchase

  • Member must be 21 years of age or older at the time of purchase of membership. Government-issued ID must be presented along with membership card to collect membership benefits

  • Yearly membership fee of $150 plus sales tax is due at time of purchase and is non-refundable

  • Membership benefits are valid from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

  • One person per membership and one membership per person

  • Discount applies to the member only. Member can use discount for yourself and one other person with you.

  • Wren House does not ship beer. All member pre-orders must be picked up at the Taproom during normal business hours by member or by designated proxy

  • Bottles and cans purchased through membership may not be resold (although they may be traded for in-kind beer subject to local law)

  • Wren House reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate and refund the unused portion of any membership for tomfoolery, shenanigans, or a general breaking of the rules

If you have any questions about membership, email us at